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Order.gr will help you to easily find delivery restaurants and order your meal online. Choose a restaurant that serves your area and send your order immediately.

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Why should I order from internet when I can use my phone?

food delivery There are lots of advantages of giving order via internet over giving your order via phone. Firstly, you will not be hearing a busy signal or put on hold and also are minimized the chances that a mistake will occure due to bad sound or momentarily recklessness.

Since order.gr saves your address details, you need to enter your address information only once in the beginning (unless you want to save more than one delivery address) and this information is added to your orders every time automatically. Order.gr also saves your orders, so you can re-order your favorite dishes again and again with just one click.

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At the moment order.gr has deliveries serving 59 areas. If your area is not included yet, you can still become a member and we will inform you when we will reach your area.

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